Forgen Wind Turbines

Forgen wind turbines are designed for use in harsh environments where other wind turbines can't last the course. While most often used for trickle-charging on yachts, they are also an excellent choice for running remote scientific instruments (especially in polar regions as a low-temperature version is available on all vertical axis models).

Well-engineered sealed bearings, a simple yet robust construction and an efficient, carefully-balanced generator combine to make a machine that is dependable, yet effective. All electrical components are encapsulated and the unit is virtually maintenance free.

Vertical axis models

This type of vertical axis wind turbine gives lower power output than similarly sized horizontal axis turbines. However, for remote power solutions where dependability is more important than power output, they are an excellent choice.

Forgen have teamed up with Bristol University to produce the new Forgen NT range - producing around 50% more power than their standard counterparts. Use a Forgen V30 for lighter loads, and a Forgen V70 where your power needs are a bit greater.

Available in a number of variants - 12 and 24V, low temperature, side mount... even your own choice of colours! Forgen turbines are usually manufactured to order so may have a 2-3 week lead time. Please get in touch if you have any queries.


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